Almería en Corto, XI Festival Internacional de Cortometrajes
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I would like to welcome all participants and fans to 12th  edition of International Short Film Festival ‘Almería en Corto’.

As President of Diputación Provincial de Almería, it is an honour to be at the forefront of the celebration of an event that has become a worldwide reference of this genre, and has carried the name of Almeria as ‘Land of Cinema’ beyond our province.

This year, the Festival has added value to the province with the altruistic support and collaboration of private companies, individuals and institutions such as the City Hall of Almería. They have been implicated in the organization to enable this 12th edition become a reality. We want to bring all this enthusiasm and make the greatest cinema event in the province of Almería once again.

With this spirit of work, we want Almería becomes the location for the best national and international shootings again, so we are establishing partnerships with organizations like Andalucia Film Commission, upgrading our land as one of the best film set worldwide and return the prosperity to an industry that has given us great satisfactions in our recent history.

We encourage the whole society to participate in this great celebration of cinema in our province, that has hosted international superstars and at the same   has been an important starting point for directors recognized today. All of them, new promises and superstars will be in the new edition of "Almería en Corto".

Gabriel Amat Ayllón President of Diputación Provincial de Almería.